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Together When Apart: "Codes and Communication" Learning Extensions

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

inquirED Inquiry Based Social Studies Distance Learning

During this week’s inquiry, students examined how people throughout history communicated in code. Try the extensions below to dig deeper into this topic, challenging students to ask questions and make inferences.


Digging Deeper into Making and Cracking Codes


  • Source: "Creation of Morse Code Helped Open Communications Around Globe" article from Encyclopedia Britannica, adapted by Newsela. Share this article for students to learn more about how Morse code connected the world. Make sure to select the appropriate reading level for your students. You can sign up for a free Newsela account.

  • Source: "Morse Code" app (iPhone) Morsee (Android). Description: Students can create or decrypt Morse code.

  • Source: Making Secret Codes and Messages book from Epic! This book by Deanna Caswell helps students learn even more about making their own codes.

  • Source: "CIA: Spy Kids" website. This CIA website is a great source for students to learn more about spycraft and secret messages.

  • Source: "Unscrambler" website. This website from "Unscrambler" has a wealth of information and activities about codes! Thanks to a TWA user Aubree (age 11) for finding this great resource!

Digging Deeper into Codes Throughout History


  • Source: "Navajo Code Talkers" video from Explore Mode. Share this video with students about how the Navajo Code Talkers shaped the course of World War II.

  • Source: "America’s First Spymaster" video from George Washington’s Mount Vernon. Share this video that describes George Washington's role in setting up a network of spies during the Revolutionary War.


Digging Deeper into Binary Code


Source: "How Exactly Does Binary Code Work?" video from "The Kids Should See This." A short video that explains the ins and outs of binary code to students.

Source: "Text to Binary Converter" website. Students can use this webpage to convert messages into binary code.


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