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Inquiry for Every Student

At inquirED, our mission is shaped by the questions we ask ourselves. They’re our inquiries - the kind of questions that have no right answers, that compel us to reflect, iterate, and learn. What are those guiding questions?

How can we promote Equity?

All students, regardless of geography or circumstance, should have the opportunity to engage in high-quality, inquiry-based learning. Our commitment to equity is reflected in our curriculum design, instructional practices, and organizational goals.


How can we support teachers?

A teacher’s lived experience matters. A student’s lived experience matters.  So we listen to teachers and students, then create our solutions. Then we listen some more. It's the key to scaling our solution - the reason it works.

How can we develop students’

future-ready Inquiry Skills?

The answers to 21st-century problems can’t be found in the back of a textbook - or in a computer algorithm.  Instead, students must learn how to collaborate, craft their own questions, evaluate evidence, and take informed action. 


Mission Driven Curriculum

So what does curriculum look like with that mission in mind? 

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