Inquiry-based elementary social studies curriculum and instructional materials.

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Inquiry Journeys 

Move Beyond the Textbook

Inquiry Journeys moves beyond the textbook, delivering a digital and customizable elementary social studies curriculum that engages students and supports teachers. 


Culturally Responsive Instruction

Teaching strategies support student voice and choice and connect to students' experiences and interests 


Inquiry-Based Learning

Building knowledge in History, Civics, Geography, and Economics through investigation and action

National Standards


Resources and assessment align with History, Civics, Geography, Economics, ELA, and SEL National & State Standards

Teacher-Ready Tools


Provides fully-digital, customizable units and ready-to-use sources, 
strategies, and tools 

How do students build social studies content knowledge?

Units launch with a compelling question, move through a sustained investigation of content, and culminate when students take informed action. 

Rigorous & Sustained Investigation

Watch the video for a summary of content in a 2nd Grade Unit. Download a Scope and Sequence to view Civics, History, Geography, and Economics standards alignment.

How do students move from investigation to action?

How does Inquiry Journeys support teachers? 



 Lesson plans provide  

accommodations, accelerations, teaching notes, and more, giving teachers the tools they need to reach all learners.



From articles to videos, Inquiry Journeys saves teachers valuable time by providing accurate, engaging, and diverse sources to support investigation.



Formative assessments are included in every lesson. Checkpoint assessments help to check understanding after sustained investigation.  

inquirED is taking up the mantel to build ambitious curriculum materials to help bring to instructional life the ideas within the C3 Framework. They offer a total package: full-scale infrastructure to implement inquiry as a comprehensive curriculum in social studies.


Dr. John Lee 

Co-founder of C3 Teachers & 

Co-Writer of the C3 Framework