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Elementary Social Studies Curriculum

Inquiry Journeys engages students and supports teachers in inquiry-based social studies.

Builds Social Studies Knowledge and Inquiry Skills

Rigorous, Hands-On Investigations

Units launch with a compelling question, move through a sustained investigation of content, and culminate when students take informed action. 

Download our scope and sequence to view Civics, History, Geography, and Economics alignment.

Provides Engaging Content and Diverse Sources

Source Providers in Inquiry Journeys

These are just a few of the hundreds of source providers whose content appears in Inquiry Journeys.

Thousands of sources embedded into units

Content from award-winning providers

Multiple perspectives and viewpoints 

Authentic texts, videos, photographs, maps, audio, and more 

Sources are easy-to-access, scaffolded, and linked to assessments

Integrates Literacy Content and Instruction

Literacy-Rich Social Studies with Built-In Supports for ELA Instruction

  • Aligned to CCSS-ELA standards

  • Authentic texts and read-alouds

  • Scaffolded instruction for complex texts

  • Reading, writing, speaking, and listening instructional supports

Literacy Instruction in Inquiry Journeys Quote

Aligns to State Standards in Every Lesson

State Standards in Inquiry Journeys Lessons

Offers Continuous Support for Teachers and Administrators

inquirED's Partner Experience Team 

  • Provides customized implementation support to instructional leaders

  • Offers elearning courses and hosts live sessions 

  • Answers support requests, which can be submitted from inside the digital curriculum

  • Creates communities of support with teachers across the country

inquirED Team

What content do students investigate & explore?

Start Your Journey with a Free Trial Unit

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  • 30+ inquiry-based social studies lessons

  • Engaging texts and multimedia content

  • Student handouts and assessments

  • Step-by-step lessons to support student projects

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