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Together When Apart: "Asking Questions" Learning Extensions

During this week’s inquiry, students seek out way to ask their own big, curious questions. You can always ask students to dig deeper into the inquiry. Try the extensions below!


ELA/Social Studies



Task: Have students read about these famous people that went on their own quests. Ask:

  • What do you think this person's big, curious question was ? Maybe they had more than one! Think of as many as you can.

  • What do you think their inspiring question was? There were probably a lot! Think about as many as you can.

  • If they made a Quest Map, what would it have on it?

  • Who were their helpers guides mentors?

  • Where did they go for information? How did they search for knowledge?

  • What did they have to practice and try? What did they have to test and try out?



Source: Inquiries from Mystery Doug

Task: Have students choose a curious question from the list and explore. Report back to the class what they found.


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