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What if students fell in love with social studies?

Inquiry Journeys provides everything students and teachers need for an unforgettable K-5 social studies experience.

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Navigating School

Who will students choose to interview to find out more about helpers in their school? The principal? The librarian? This Inquiry Unit helps students feel safe and confident at school, building their mapping and questioning skills along the way!

3rd Grade

Global Connections

Where did this t-shirt come from? Who made it and how did it get to the store? In one of the engaging activities in this Inquiry Unit, students sort everyday items based on their countries of origin. They also make continent bumper stickers, travel plans for distant places, and so much more!

1st Grade

Families Near and Far

How will students create a quilt that celebrates their unique families? This Inquiry Unit begins with a collaborative project inspired by the quilts of Faith Ringgold! As students continue their investigation, they learn how different families work together to solve problems.

4th Grade

Natural Resources of the US

Will students be able to harvest enough “Wellsnipper” plants without causing the supply to collapse? This Inquiry Unit starts with an unforgettable game that introduces the concepts of scarcity and sustainability. Then, students dig into the Dust Bowl, investigating its causes and effects in an engaging card sort activity.

2nd Grade

Meeting Needs and Wants

How can students work together to build a one-of-a-kind community model? They will construct their model throughout this Inquiry Unit, as they play an engaging game about tough choices and explore the concepts of saving, spending, and budgeting.

5th Grade

Native America

What perceptions do students have of Indigenous Americans? Throughout this Inquiry Unit, students interrogate these perceptions as they explore the diversity of Indigenous cultures, explore storytelling as a historical source, and investigate differing perspectives on the "first Thanksgiving."

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