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What challenges are K-8 social studies educators currently facing? How can we work to reverse plummeting outcomes on national social studies assessments? Join inquirED and NCSS as we examine the current state of K-8 social studies and explore efforts to define and implement high-quality instruction. 


With special guests Julia H. Kaufman (RAND), Melissa Kay Diliberti (RAND), and Elisabeth Ventling Simon (inquirED).

What policies at the state, district, and school levels support teachers in K–8 social studies instruction? How does this affect student outcomes? Join NCSS and inquirED as we examine the state of K–8 social studies across the country and explore how current policies impact teaching practices and student learning.


With special guests John White (Chief Success Officer, Great Minds), Sarah Milo Hoskow (Head of Partner Experience, inquirED), and Shanti Elangovan (CEO & Founder, inquirED).

Materials only matter if K–8 teachers have the support they need to understand and implement them. Join NCSS, inquirED, and our special guests to explore how to support teachers, schools, and districts in implementing high-quality instruction.


With special guests Larry Berger (Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Amplify Education) and Shanti Elangovan (CEO & Founder, inquirED).

Research shows that high-quality instructional materials can significantly improve outcomes for students. What can the social studies community learn from other subject areas that have prioritized these materials? Join NCSS and inquirED to explore the role of instructional materials in shaping social studies instruction.


With special guests Elisabeth Ventling Simon (Chief Academic Officer and Co-Founder, inquirED) and Dr. Rachel Strang (Managing Implementation Coach, inquirED).

What does high-quality K–8 social studies instruction actually look like in the classroom? Join us as we examine a classroom walkthrough tool for district leaders, coaches, and teachers to help them identify and explore the components of high-quality social studies instruction.

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inquirED's Inquiry-Based Elementary Social Studies Curriculum 

Inquiry-Based Teaching & Learning

Units and lessons scaffold social studies knowledge and develop critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills. 

Culturally Responsive Instruction

Strategies and resources help teachers connect instruction to the lived experiences of all students.

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