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Using Inquiry in Elementary Social Studies

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Elementary school student participating in inquiry reads about social studies

The Necessity of Social Studies in the Elementary Grades

Elementary students need engaging, inquiry-based social studies to help them develop critical thinking skills, make informed decisions, and take positive action to influence their world. 

When students have the opportunity to participate in inquiry-based social studies, what do they experience, develop, and become?

Students Experience

  • Deep, active engagement in sustained investigations of disciplinary content

  • Culturally responsive instruction and experiences

  • Productive struggle to discern meaning and address real-world problems

Students Develop

  • Personal Agency .

  • Creative Problem Solving Skills

  • Critical Thinking Skills

  • Communication Skills

  • Collaboration Skills

Students Become

  • Resilient learners who can adapt to changing circumstances

  • Engaged, informed, and socially responsible members of their communities.

  • Critical consumers of information, goods, and services

Webinar Summary

During the webinar, we explored the challenges and opportunities of Using Inquiry in Elementary Social Studies. Thanks to our guests Dr. Tina Heafner (NCSS President) and Dr. Linda Kuhaupt (ELA and Social Studies, Appleton Area School District).

We started by examining trends in social studies education as a whole. Dr. Heafner shared some infographics that illustrate these trends.