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Join teachers, instructional leaders, and administrators who are passionate about inquiry in elementary social studies classrooms.

July 30-31, 2020  |   Chicago, IL

Elementary Inquiry Summer Institute

Dynamic, two-day

deep dive.

Sponsored by the National Council for the Social Studies and inquirED, the Elementary Inquiry Summer Institute (EISI) is a dynamic, two-day exploration of the tools and strategies that educators need to bring inquiry to life in their classrooms and schools. 


Workshops and sessions will address key inquiry concepts in social studies, such as generating questions and planning inquiries, facilitating student-led investigations, and designing and implementing informed action projects. 

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Elementary Educators



Inquiry is more than theory. It’s daily practice. The EISI will help educators implement and support the day-to-day practice of inquiry.  EISI provides the teacher-tested strategies and tools to inspire your elementary students with inquiry-based socials studies.


So many inquiry programs focus on high school instruction. But what’s it like to use inquiry with a first-grader who is just learning to read? A third-grader who struggles during group work? Or a sixth-grader who is just gaining the confidence to speak in class? 


Sample Sessions Topics

•Driving Student Questioning
•Evaluating Sources and Making Claims
•Critique Practices
•Assessment in Inquiry
•Taking Informed Action

•Supporting the Shift to Inquiry
•Using Inquiry in Social Studies
•Inquiry & Social Emotional Learning

•Social Studies and ELA Integration

•Collaboration and Communication in Inquiry