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Supporting the Shift to Inquiry

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

The Shift to Inquiry

Inquiry-based learning is rooted in the drive to discover, the need to question, and the ability to create solutions that transform the world around us. Inquiry begins with an authentic question that prompts students to move through a rigorous investigation and culminates in informed action.

Inquiry-based learning can take several forms: from structured inquiry, with teachers facilitating

student investigations, to open inquiry, in which students lead the investigations.

What’s the ideal model for your context today and in the future?

Instructional leaders need a flexible strategy for shifting to inquiry-based teaching and learning, one that assesses readiness, engages stakeholders, and provides clear steps for execution

Webinar Summary

During the "Supporting the Shift" webinar, we discussed some of the difficulties a school or district might face as they shift to inquiry, examining key questions such as:

  • Can we meet state standards?

  • How do we assess learning?

  • How do we help teachers at different stages of the transition?

  • How can we convince our parental community to get on board?

We also referenced several resources that can help you to develop your understanding of inquiry and facilitate a shift in practice. We wanted to share those with you!

Conferences on Inquiry Teaching

Resources about Culturally Responsive Practice and Inquiry

Resources for Evaluating Inquiry-Based Instructional Materials

If you were unable to attend the webinar or would like to rewatch any portion of it, we have included a recording below.


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