Curriculum Design

Inquiry Innovators guides teachers through the inquiry design process, helping them generate compelling questions, facilitate sustained investigations, and empower students to take informed action.


Create a Framework

Using Inquiry Innovators' online planning tools, teachers can create compelling questions to structure their inquiry unit. 


Design an Investigation

Inquiry Innovators provides teachers with a powerful set of online landmark lessons that help them design rigorous investigations. 


Empower Informed Action

With Inquiry Innovators’ informed action lessons, teachers can guide students as they take action that impacts their world. 

Choose Engaging Products

Inquiry Innovators provides teachers with a series of lessons that guide students through a design cycle, as they create products that help them impact the world in a meaningful way.


Click on a product below to learn how an 8th-grade class

from Chicago might use Inquiry Innovators in their Civil War Unit.   

Scale Models can depict space, interactions, and relationships, bringing concepts into tangible form.

Additional Support For Teachers


Inquiry Innovators includes professional learning videos and resources that help teachers build their understanding of the strategies and practice of inquiry-based learning.



inquirED also provides other products and services that integrate with Inquiry Innovators, including an Inquiry Foundations course for PLCs and teams, onsite workshops, and webinars.

We knew that we wanted to spread inquiry-based learning across our school. After one Unit of inquirED's curriculum, even our most traditional teachers were embracing IBL practices.


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