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Together When Apart: Week 1 Illinois Social Studies Standards

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In Week 1, students learn about historical setting by examining images of the past: a photo from the Library of Congress, a picture of a birthday party in Australia, a sketch by Vincent van Gogh.

Throughout the week, they use their learning to create a “Here and Now Snapshot." Their creation will serve as an artifact that tells the story of their experience during this unique period of time.

Illinois State Social Studies Standards


  • SS.IS.3.K-2. Gather information from one or two sources with guidance and support from adults and/or peers.

  • SS.H.3.2. Explain how different kinds of historical sources (such as written documents, objects, artistic works, and oral accounts) can be used to study the past.


  • SS.H.3.3. Identify artifacts and documents as either primary or secondary sources of historical data from which historical accounts are constructed

  • SS.H.2.5. Use information about a historical source including the maker, date, place of origin, intended audience, and purpose-to judge the extent to which the source is useful for studying a particular topic.


  • SS.H.2.6-8.MC. Analyze how people’s perspectives influenced what information is available in the historical sources they created.

  • SS.H.3.6-8.MC. Use other historical sources to infer a plausible maker, date, place of origin, and intended audience for historical sources where this information is not easily identified.


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