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"Yes, And..." | Inquiry Lesson Plan Strategy

The What This structured protocol helps students respond and add to others’ ideas rather than criticizing or modifying them. Use it to support students’ development of individual project ideas and their ability to thought-partner with each other.

The How Download the "Yes, And..." handout to support idea generation and positive feedback.

1. Prompt students to individually describe their ideas in writing, using as much detail as possible. (5 minutes)

2. Divide students into groups of 3-4, and instruct them to rotate their papers to the right.

  • Students add "Yes, and... " comments to their teammate’s idea. Remind students to support the original idea without adding a different idea. (2-5 minutes)

  • Repeat until papers have returned to their original idea creators.

3. Allow students time to read the “Yes, and...” comments that teammates wrote in response to their ideas.

4. Challenge students to revise their original ideas based on the feedback they received. (5-10 minutes)


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