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inquirED's Approach to PD: Curriculum-Based Professional Learning

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Curriculum-Based Professional Learning is inquirED's framework for whole-school professional development. Read below for a collection of research supporting CBPL.


inquirED's Curriulum-Based Professional Learning Model
Curriuclum-Based Professional Learning

inquirED's Principle: Professional Learning is most effective when it is centered around high-quality instructional materials.

inquirED's Principle: To improve student outcomes, curriculum must provide teachers with comprehensive instructional resources and assessments.

inquirED's Principle: Professional learning communities are most effective when they are guided by instructional leaders, based on shared goals, and focused on the daily use of curriculum and assessment.

inquirED's Principle: Feedback from instructional leaders is most effective when it is frequent, growth-oriented, and focused on teacher practice and student learning.

As we continue to collect research to support CBPL we will update this list.


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