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See Think Wonder | Inquiry Lesson Plan Strategy

Updated: Jun 14

The What See, Think, Wonder helps students make observations, form inferences, and generate questions about a visual source or artifact. Use it to spark wonderings or introduce new topics.

The How

Download a helpful student handout to facilitate the See Think Wonder.

1. Share a visual source (such as a picture, primary source document, or map) with the class, groups, or individuals.

  • Prepare to record student comments on the board or provide students with a handout to record their own thoughts.

2. Ask: What do you see?

  • Make sure students are stating concrete observations, not interpretations, during this step.

3. Ask: What does this image make you think? What makes you say that?

  • Interpretations are welcome in this step.

4. Ask: What does this image make you wonder? What bigger questions does it raise for you?

5. Use students’ noticings, thoughts, and questions to guide an upcoming investigation or discussion.