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Mingle Pair Share | Inquiry Lesson Plan Strategy

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

The What Mingle Pair Shares are a great way to get students moving around the classroom and talking to different classmates. Use this strategy to encourage students to hear from a variety of perspectives in response to an open-ended question or experience.

The How

1. Pose a question or open-ended reflection prompt that will elicit a variety of responses from different students in the class.

2. Play 10-20 seconds of music as students mingle around the class, similar to musical chairs.

3. When the music stops, prompt each student to find a close-by partner and give that person a high five.

4. Allow partners to discuss their responses to the prompt.

5. After a short, timed discussion period, the music begins again and the protocol repeats.

  • Each time the music stops, students should try to find a new partner.

  • Students may be given a new prompt or question during each round, if desired.


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