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Inquiry Journeys: Elementary Social Studies Curriculum Resources

Updated: Aug 19

Resources in Inquiry Journeys: Beyond the Textbook

The world outside the elementary social studies classroom continues to change at an unprecedented rate. Traditional textbooks can’t respond to this rapid pace of change. They become outdated almost as fast as they are printed.

Inquiry Journeys, however, is a fully-digital elementary social studies curriculum: it can respond not only to the rapid changes in the world outside the classroom but also to the changing needs of students and teachers, never becoming outdated or irrelevant. Lessons support teachers in sharing continuously updated resources through print, video, images, songs, maps, and other media types.

Resource Types and Examples in Inquiry Journeys

In order for elementary social studies curriculum to present diverse and inclusive representations of history, students need access to a wide variety of resources. These resources must move beyond the traditional textbook by integrating different platforms, including varied media-types and publishers, and by presenting primary and secondary sources that reflect the voices of the people and cultures being represented. The following examples highlight the breadth and depth of resources provided within Inquiry Journeys

  • Fiction and Non-Fiction Texts: inquirED has curated a diverse collection of fiction and non-fiction books and articles that build students’ disciplinary background knowledge and present multiple perspectives on social studies topics.

  • Images, Videos, Audio: Inquiry Journeys includes a wide range of images, video, audio resources to engage students and build their content knowledge and skills. See below for several examples.

  • Multimedia and Maps: Inquiry Journeys makes use of diverse electronic and multimedia resources to aid in the development of student understanding. View the lessons below for examples.