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I Like, I Wonder | Inquiry Lesson Plan Strategy

The What This protocol supports students’ ability to share their undeveloped ideas with peers while receiving affirmation and getting initial, low- stakes feedback. Use this format to support critique skills and peer collaboration as new ideas are being developed in an inquiry.

The How

Download the "I Like, I Wonder" handout to guide brainstorming and feedback.

1. Prompt students to independently explain their product "seed" idea in writing or drawing.

2. Divide students into groups of 3-4, and instruct them to rotate their papers to the right.

  • Students review the idea they received and add feedback to their peer’s idea in the form of “I like...” and/or “I wonder...” statements.

  • Remind students to make comments that are kind, helpful, and specific.

3. Continue this process until the ideas reach their original owners.

4. Give students time to read and reflect on the feedback. (2-3 minutes)

  • Students may ask group members clarifying questions about the feedback.

5. Instruct students to modify and improve their idea based on the feedback.

6. If helpful, students may use a colored pencil or pen to make changes to their original idea, or they may start fresh.


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