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Formative Assessments: Exit Tickets

Assess and Differentiate Learning with inquirED

Ever wish you had a daily or weekly assessment tool to check student understanding? Try an exit ticket!

Exit tickets can look like just about anything ranging from a mini-quiz, to a sketch, to an open-ended reflection. The thing they have in common is that they are brief and highly targeted formative assessments, and they are given to students at the end of a lesson while the content is fresh, before they move on to something else.

When using exit tickets, keep these considerations in mind:

  • Some teachers use exit tickets after daily lessons, while others use them weekly. Pick the frequency that you can reasonably keep up with, that will best inform your delivery of content.

  • Regardless of how often you use exit tickets, make sure to connect them to the objectives - or success criteria - of a lesson or unit, keeping them as targeted as possible.

  • Students should be able to complete an exit ticket within a few minutes, and their answers should directly tell you where they are with the content that was covered in that class session.

  • Finally, let students know that exit tickets are not tests - but help you understand what they’ve learned. The more regularly students complete exit tickets, the more normal and useful they will feel.

Once you’ve collected the exit tickets, you have trove of valuable data on student understanding. Use it to adjust your instruction for the next class session, differentiating for those students who didn’t understand the concepts or those who are having trouble developing a skill. Interested in using exit tickets? Download our useful template from Google Drive or copy it to your own account.


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