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Build Your Knowledge Base in Inquiry-Based Social Studies

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Before you begin reviewing social studies curriculum, it's helpful to build your team's knowledge of inquiry-based social studies. Maybe some of your team members are new to inquiry – or maybe they are even new to teaching social studies. No matter their entry point or background – we’ve created and curated information to help you build your team's knowledge base!


Inquiry-based social studies is a lot different than the kind of social studies instruction that most of us grew up with - where teachers would lecture students about history and other subjects. Find out how inquiry-based social studies turns the page on traditional instruction.

Do you need to share information about inquiry-based social studies with others? Use this slide presentation (along with the blog post above) to help others understand the basics of inquiry-based social studies.

Check out inquirED’s YouTube channel - and our special “What is Inquiry?” Playlist for videos, webinars, and more.


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