When educators speak, we listen. 
Explore the updates and improvements rolling out to K-5 teachers in 2022-2023!


Slide Presentations in Every Lesson

When teachers asked for slide presentations to help guide students, we created engaging slide shows that teachers can customize and present right from their lesson plans.

Detailed Assessment Guides

Assessment in inquiry can be challenging. That’s why we’ve created assessment guides with need-to-know information and support across assessment types.


Streamlined Lesson Directions

We’ve used feedback from teachers to edit lessons down to the essential components they need to implement engaging inquiry-based lessons.

The Inquiry Hub for Professional Learning

We are excited to introduce the Inquiry Hub, an engaging professional learning space with resources, eLearning courses, live coaching sessions, interactive PLCs, and more.


Interactive Student Application

Our powerful online platform isn’t just for teachers anymore! Students will be able to log on to view, interact with, and complete their assignments and other inquiry work.