21st Century 

Professional Learning

inquirED provides embedded PD for teachers, inquiry courses for PLCs, and coaching supports for instructional leaders.  All in one powerful platform.

Embedded Learning for Teachers

Research-based strategies and support for teachers inside every lesson.

Whether it's detailed descriptions included in lesson plans, accommodation tips, or videos that provide just-in-time support, PD is there when teachers need it most. 

Blended Learning for PLCs and Teams

Transform PLC and team-based learning with inquirED's Inquiry Foundations courses. With detailed session plans, videos, and guides delivered through the Inquiry Builder, coursework integrates seamlessly with inquirED's curriculum. 

Inquiry Foundations I

Inquiry Foundations II

Inquiry Foundations  III

How do we implement inquiry in our classrooms?

How do we grow a culture of inquiry in our classrooms?

How do we design inquiry for our students and context?


Teachers develop an understanding of inquiry through implementing a pre-written curriculum in one subject, relying on inquirED’s suite of instructional tools and assessments.

PLC Course

Teachers explore the essential characteristics of an inquiry classroom, including an examination of how to implement inquirED’s student-centered curriculum.


Teachers begin to contextualize content. They adapt the curriculum to be more responsive to students, deepen content exploration, and create interdisciplinary connections.


PLC Course

Teachers sharpen and expand essential inquiry-based teaching practices, and explore how to grow the culture of inquiry in their classrooms and across the school.


Teachers prioritize student voice and choice in curriculum, building local context into their units, and adapting lessons and assessments to respond to student interest.


PLC Course

Teachers are introduced to the skills of designing inquiry experiences that honor student voice and choice, promote real-world connections, and elevate student work.

Instructional Leadership Support

A robust set of supports for instructional coaches, curriculum coordinators, and administrators.

inquirED provides videos, webinars, instructional guides, and training that strengthen the effectiveness of on-site instructional leaders. 

More Ways to Learn



Interviews with Inquiry Leaders. Q&As with Master Teachers. Advice from inquirED Coaches.

Webinars that connect you to the resources you need for inquiry.

Introduction to Inquiry.  Inquiry Coaching Strategies. Content Design Skills.

On-site workshops that  transform teaching and learning.