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Together When Apart: Week 1 Extended Learning for Early Learners

Updated: Apr 3

Below, you’ll find extension activities to help early learners dig deeper into the content of their Week 1 Inquiry.

During this week’s inquiry, students examined a set of historical images. You can always dig deeper into historical photos as a primary source, challenging students to make inferences about historical setting. Try these extensions:

>>Visit "What’s Going On in This Picture?" from The New York Times to find a daily image analysis challenge.

>>Check out “40 Most Intriguing Photos to Make Students Think” for a slideshow of the editors’ favorites.

>>When discussing these images, try the following prompts:

  • Who: Who is in the picture? What are they wearing? How do you think they are connected to each other?

  • What: What objects do you see? What activities do you see?

  • Where: What’s in the background? Is this inside or outside?

  • When: What time of day do you think it is? What season could it be? Do you think this is today or long ago?

  • Wonder: What does this picture make you wonder?

  • Feel: What does this picture make you feel?

Students can also dig deeper through reading and writing activities. Try these extensions:

>>Challenge students to read a book connected to the inquiry (see suggested titles below) and identify the setting in one part of the story.

>>To prompt discussion or writing in response to their reading, ask:

  • Who: Who is in the story? What are they wearing? How do you think they are connected to each other?

  • What: What happens during the story? What do the characters do?

  • Where: Where are the characters? Are they inside or outside? What do you see in the background of the pictures?

  • When: What season is it? Do you think this story is from now or long ago? What time of day is it?

Remember! You can always repeat this inquiry in a few weeks to make a new “Here and Now Snapshot.” It’s a good way to remind students that their world is always changing!


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