Webinar: When Schools Close But Learning Continues: High School Social Studies

Thanks to all who attended our webinar yesterday! During the webinar, we explored the challenges, ideas, and best practices for distance learning in high school social studies. We were honored to be joined by Dr. Tina Heafner.

Distance Learning Resources

Tina's Slide Show

  • Tina shared a slide show that she has made available to copy by clicking the link above.

Pear Deck

  • To find out more about Pear Deck, which Tina used extensively in her presentation, follow the link above.


  • Tina used Kahoot as a warm-up. A good way to start a class by creating a fun activity and connection. Challenge students to make their own Kahoot to share with the class.

Finally, if you were not able to attend the webinar, please view the recording below.


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