Webinar: Supporting the Shift to Inquiry

Webinar Summary

Thanks to all who attended our webinar yesterday!

During the webinar, we discussed some of the difficulties a school or district might face as they shift to inquiry, examining key questions such as:

  1. Can we meet state standards?

  2. What is my school or districts inquiry goal?

  3. How does curriculum support the shift?

  4. How do we help teachers at different stages of the transition?

  5. How can we convince our parental community to get on board?

We also referenced several resources that can help you to develop your understanding of inquiry and facilitate a shift in practice. We wanted to share those with you!

Conferences on Inquiry Teaching

C3 Teachers and NCSS: IDM Institute

High Tech High: Deeper Learning Conference

inquirED and NCSS: Elementary Inquiry Summer Institute

Resources for Evaluating Inquiry-Based Instructional Materials

The National Academies Press

Iowa Core

IDM Rubric


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