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Webinar: Culturally Responsive Teaching Through Inquiry

Webinar Summary

Thanks to all who attended our webinar yesterday. And thanks to Michelle Sadrena Pledger for joining us to talk about Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT).

Michelle shared her definition of CRT, then led us through some Mindsets, Moves, and Musings that can help you begin to shift your practice. She emphasized the importance of identifying and moving away from a deficit mindset with CLD students. She described Zaretta Hammond's Four Horsemen of Deficit Thinking, each of which helps to limit the cognitive growth and development of students.

Michelle also referenced several resources that can help you to develop your understanding and practice of Culturally Responsive Teaching. We wanted to share those with you!

Books about Culturally Responsive Practice

Organizations and Communities

Other Resources

If you were unable to attend the webinar or would like to rewatch any portion of it, we have included a recording below.