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Together When Apart: Week 3 Illinois Social Studies Standards

inquirED's Distance Learning Curriculum


In this week’s inquiry, students think of a person in their family, community, or larger world who is making a difference right now. They identify a heroic trait or talent, then use words, pictures, and a heavy dose of exaggeration to cast this person as a tall-tale character. Throughout the week, they'll use their learning to create a “Tall-Tale Trading Card” that describes their hero in larger-than-life terms.

Illinois State Social Studies Standards


  • SS.IS.4.K-2. Evaluate a source by distinguishing between fact and opinion.

  • SS.H.2.2. Compare individuals and groups who have shaped a significant historical change


  • SS.IS.4.3-5. Gather relevant information and distinguish among facts and opinions to determine the credibility of multiple sources.

  • SS.H.2.3. Describe how significant people, events, and developments have shaped their own community and region.


  • SS.H.2.6-8. Analyze multiple factors that influenced the perspectives of people during different historical eras.

  • SS.H.2.6-8.. Analyze how people’s perspectives influenced what information is available in the historical sources they created.


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