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Together When Apart: "Our Historical Moment" Learning Extensions

inquirED Inquiry Based Social Studies Distance Learning

During this week’s inquiry, students learn about historical setting by examining images of the past. You can always ask students to dig deeper into the inquiry, encouraging them to ask questions, make inferences, and take additional actions. Try the extensions below!


Social Studies


Source: Visit "What’s Going On in This Picture?" from The New York Times to find a daily image analysis challenge. Check out “40 Most Intriguing Photos to Make Students Think” for a slideshow of the editors’ favorites.

Task: When discussing these images, try the following prompts:

  • Who: Who is in the picture? What do you notice about what they are wearing? What do you think their relationship is to one another?

  • What: What objects do you see? What activities do you see?

  • Where: What do you see in the background? Where do you think they’re located?

  • When: What time of day do you think this is? What time of year is it? Is this in the past or present?

  • Feel: What is your reaction to this photo?

  • Note: What will you remember most about this photo?

  • Wonder: What additional questions do you have about this photo? How could you go about answering them?


Reading/ELA Extensions



Task: Challenge students to read a book connected to the inquiry (see suggested titles below) and identify the setting in one part of the story. To prompt discussion or writing in response to their reading, ask:

  • Who: Who is in the story? What are they wearing? How do you think they are connected to each other?

  • What: What happens during the story? What do the characters do?

  • Where: Where are the characters? Are they inside or outside? What do you see in the background of the pictures?

  • When: What season is it? Do you think this story is from now or long ago? What time of day is it?