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Tips for Using Together When Apart with Students Online

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

inquirED's Distance Learning Curriculum

Note: If your students don’t have access to technology, Together When Apart can still work

for you. The daily activities are designed to be printed and sent home if necessary. Don’t forget to print the directions as well as the student handouts!


If your students have access to technology, then you’re probably already communicating with them (or adults in their homes) to facilitate distance learning.

Good news! If they can get online, then they can easily access the daily activities provided in Together When Apart. Additionally, some of you may have access to a learning management system or online learning platform that allows for more direct communication and interaction. If you and your students have access to these tools, then you can easily connect daily activities to your existing system. Read the suggestions below to help make that connection seamless!

Make the link

  • The website URL for each day can be linked directly within your online learning platform for students to access. It can also be emailed, posted on a blog, or otherwise distributed. We’ve written each day’s language just for students so they can follow along and learn on their own.

Bring discussion prompts to life

  • Each day’s activity includes thinking and discussion prompts.

  • Consider encouraging students to respond to the prompts on your online learning platform. You can also serve as the host of a virtual discussion!

Explore opportunities to share work

  • Each weekly inquiry guides students through the design and creation of a project. Build community, celebrate success, and promote connection by inviting students to share images or videos of their final work on your learning platform.

  • If interested, you can also share student work on social media with the #inquiredtogether hashtag.

Generate questions with your favorite protocol

  • Consider an online Question Formulation Technique (QFT) using an image from a daily activity to prompt questions. What’s a QFT, you say? Check out this video to find out more.

  • You can also join us for a special webinar on how to use the QFT online with sources from the Library of Congress.

  • Try an online See Think Wonder or another question generation strategy. Read about this strategy and others in inquirED’s Inquiry Field Guide.


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