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Jigsaw Lesson | Inquiry Lesson Plan Strategy

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

The What Jigsaws support students in deep research on a specific topic, then provide an opportunity to share that research with other students or groups who explored different topics in depth. Use this format to empower students to go deep and become classroom experts during an inquiry.

The How

  1. Determine which students will research which topics, dividing the class into several Expert Groups.

  2. Provide each Expert Group with research materials and questions that are specific to their topic.

  3. Challenge students in each Expert Group to conduct their research either individually or as a group, responding to the assigned questions or research goals on their handouts.

  4. Regroup students so that an expert on each topic joins together with experts on each of the other topics investigated.

  5. Prompt members of these Mixed Groups to take turns sharing their findings as other group members take notes.


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