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Choosing an Elementary Social Studies Curriculum for Illinois Schools

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

This webinar explores how three districts in Illinois are prioritizing social studies aligned to the Illinois Social Science Standards.


Anne Matz, Partnerships Executive at inquirED, interviewed a panel of Illinois district social studies leaders to explore how they are meeting the need for elementary social studies instruction across their schools. The panel included:

  • Anne Fleming, Science & Social Studies Facilitator CCSD 59

  • Chris Lapetino, Director of Science & Social Studies CCSD 21,

  • Meredith McCormick, Assistant Principal for Curriculum and Instruction Lisle Elementary School, District 202

The district leaders from Community Consolidated School District 21, Community Consolidated School District 59, and Lisle District 202 discussed best practices in choosing an elementary social studies curriculum that meets Illinois Social Science Standards. They talked about rebounding from the marginalization of social studies of the last decade and finding a curriculum that meets the demands for inquiry in their Illinois Social Science Standards. They also spoke about how they are managing changes in their district as they adopt a new social studies curriculum, Inquiry Journeys.


If you were unable to attend the webinar please view the webinar recording below.


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