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The Tools to Lead the Way 

Standards across the country are calling for inquiry - requiring schools to shift curriculum, assessment, and instruction. 

As an Inquiry Trailblazer, you’ll receive comprehensive support for classroom instruction, collaboration, and coaching.

The Right Size for Your School

inquirED offers year-long K-6 inquiry-based social studies curriculum, assessment, and professional learning supports to schools and districts.

The Trailblazer program delivers these services - for a reduced subscription fee - to schools that meet the program’s criteria.

Is your school ready to lead the way to inquiry-based social studies?

Join inquirED's Inquiry Trailblazer program, specially designed to meet the needs of individual schools and small districts.

Want to join our Trailblazer program?

Whether you are a teacher, school leader, or community member, let us know you are interested in the Inquiry Trailblazer program for your school.