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Students need an elementary social studies curriculum that connects to their lived experience, builds their content knowledge,  and develops their future-ready skills.

Self & Others

inquirED has moved beyond the textbook, delivering customizable, year-long social studies curriculum through our Inquiry Builder™ platform. With detailed lesson plans, assessments, and  projects—all continuously updated—it’s social studies for the 21st Century.

School & Family

Students explore two of the most important social groups in their lives: their family and school communities.


Students take an in-depth look at how their local natural environment shapes the organization and activities of their community.


Students explore how their personal histories, economic choices, and ideas about fairness and justice connect them to communities around the world and in the past.

State & Local Perspectives

Students examine the history, present challenges, and new opportunities of their state and local areas.

Origin of the United States

Students explore the interactions, motivations, ideals, and realities that make up the complex history of the early United States.

Ancient Civilizations

Students explore the rich histories of Ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Indian Subcontinent, and Ancient China.

InquirEd is taking up the mantel to build ambitious curriculum materials to help bring to instructional life the ideas within the C3 Framework. They offer a total package: full-scale infrastructure to implement inquiry as a comprehensive curriculum in social studies.


Dr. John Lee 

Co-founder of C3 Teachers & 

Co-Writer of the C3 Framework

Standards Alignment

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inquirED's inquiry-based social studies curriculum was built from the C3 Framework, integrating Civics, Economics, Geography, and History.


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inquirED’s lessons align to the core competencies created by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL).


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inquirED uses the Common Core  Standards for English Language Arts as supporting standards for all lessons in our Inquiry Units.

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inquirED's 21st Century Skills help develop an inquiry mindset - one that allows students to collaborate, question, and create. 


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Instructional Tools





Each of inquirED's lesson plans provides accommodations, accelerations, teaching notes, and more, giving teachers the tools they need to reach all learners.

From slideshows to handouts, inquirED saves teachers valuable time by providing the student-facing resources they need as they implement inquiry.



inquirED has built formative assessments into every lesson and embedded a rubric generator to provide summative assessments for each Unit.

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inquirED is developing elementary language arts and elementary science curricula.