Culturally Responsive Social Studies

  Schools and districts need a new approach to social studies curriculum that connects content and instruction to the lived experience of students and actively engages cultural learning styles and tools.

Inquiry and Responsive Practice

At the heart of Inquiry Journeys is the inquiry process itself. This process authentically engages students, honoring their voice and choice as they shape the course of their learning. 

Cognitive Routines & Critical Thinking

From questioning to group work and discussion - the cognitive routines used in Inquiry Journeys build critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Real-World Problems and Challenges

Inquiry Journeys inspires students to take informed action that impacts the world and gives teachers the tools to connect learning and action to lived experience. 

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inquirED provides support for schools and districts as they implement Inquiry Journeys - with supports for teachers, administrators, and instructional coaches.

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