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Founded by teachers to bring inquiry-based social studies to every classroom

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Inquiry Journeys

Welcome! Discover how Inquiry Journeys engages students and supports teachers in inquiry-based elementary social studies.

Designed for WCSD Students and Teachers 

Inquiry Journeys was designed to meet the demands of the California History-Social Science Framework.

  • In Inquiry Journeys, students investigate History, Geography, and Civics by exploring complex questions. 

  • They gather evidence from books, pictures, artifacts, and other sources – and use their learning to make an impact on their community!

  • Watch the video for a tour of a 3rd-grade Inquiry Journeys unit.

What content do students explore?

What kinds of materials help to engage students?

Kindergarten Sample Materials


Kindergartners explore Adam Rex's School's First Day of School (one of the many read-aloud books in Inquiry Journeys) to learn how even School is nervous about the first day of school!

Screenshot 2022-11-17 at 6.34_edited.jpg

In the "Kids Meet a Firefighter" video from HiHo Kids, kindergartners learn about how to ask questions in an interview as they prepare to interview a school helper. 

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