Explore how inquirED's Inquiry Journeys curriculum engages K-5 students in

inquiry-based social studies

What is Inquiry-Based Social Studies?

Most adults remember social studies as boring lectures and memorization – but that's not inquiry!

  • In inquiry-based social studies, students investigate complex questions about Geography, History, Economics, and Civics.

  • They gather evidence from books, pictures, stories, and other sources to help them answer these questions

  • Watch the video to see an example of inquiry-based learning in action during a third grade Inquiry Journeys unit.

What topics do students investigate?

What do students do with their learning?


Each Inquiry Journeys unit ends with a project!

At the end of their "Meeting Needs and Wants" unit, second-graders took action:

  • They identified their classroom's need for an outdoor learning space where they could learn during the pandemic.

  • Then, they advocated to their PTO for funds to support their project. 

How can you learn more about Inquiry Journeys?


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Inquiry Journeys
Scope and Sequence

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 How are sources used in Inquiry Journeys?

Inquiry Journeys includes thousands of engaging primary and secondary sources.