Ready for Inquiry?

Inquiry in social studies engages students’ drive to discover, their need to question, and their ability to create solutions that transform the world around them.

Built from the C3 Framework

Inquiry Journeys was built from the C3 Framework to develop future-ready skills in students and give teachers the tools and resources they need to turn inquiry into action. 

"InquirEd is taking up the mantel to build ambitious curriculum materials to help bring to instructional life the ideas within the C3 Framework. They offer a total package: full-scale infrastructure to implement inquiry as a comprehensive curriculum in social studies."


Dr. John Lee 

Co-founder of C3 Teachers & 

Co-Writer of the C3 Framework

Launched by an

Inquiry Question

Every Inquiry Journeys Unit launches with an engaging Inquiry Question that sparks curiosity and hooks students into the inquiry. 

From Investigation into Action

Students on an inquiry build content knowledge and skills through sustained investigations, then use their learning to take informed action that impacts the world.  

The Inquiry Process 

The inquiry process is at the heart of the instruction used in Inquiry Journeys. It’s present in every lesson, assessment, and task. 

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inquirED provides support for schools and districts as they implement Inquiry Journeys - with supports for teachers, administrators, and instructional coaches.

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