Making the Shift to Inquiry

  Schools and districts need a new approach to curriculum and instruction that develops students’ curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity.  Now there's a set of tools that can help bring student-centered learning to every classroom.

Supporting Schools

and Districts

inquirED provides support for school- and district-wide implementation of student-centered curriculum and instruction - with supports for teachers, administrators, and instructional coaches.

Engage K-6 students with inquiry-based social studies.

Inquiry Journeys: Built from the C3 Framework to prepare students for college, career, & civic life.

Elementary students need engaging, inquiry-based social studies built from the C3 Framework.

  • Compelling Inquiry Questions launch each Unit.

  • Students undertake sustained investigations, exploring diverse sources and dynamic content.

  • Units culminate in informed action, making learning meaningful and impacting the world.

Inquiry Journeys: The Inquiry Process 

The inquiry process is at the heart of the instruction used in Inquiry Journeys. It’s present in every lesson, assessment, and task.